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Mobile Application Architect & Programmer

Technical Cosultant @Streebo

I am a passionate person about engineering, who (← and also). I currently deal with Enterprise Mobility as Technical Consultant, Solution Architect and Programmer. My primary domain is Mobile Applications, both Hybrid and Native, on Android and iOS (and sometimes BB and Windows too).

Although my professional work mainly deals with Software, my heart lies at Hardware as well. My other strong string remains to be Electronics, where optimised Software (code) marries specific Hardware (i.e. Embedded Systems in simple terms!). As my current work deals with Smartphones, it pretty much satisfies my passion of working with raw hardware with very limited resources and acheiving automation.

My Work

"I never did a day's work in my life, it was all fun."
-Thomas A. Adison

When you are getting paid for what you love to do, it certainly has a positive effect on your productivity. And that's something I have experienced myself. I am a storng believer of the thought that sharing knowledge makes this world a better place to live.

It is mesmerising how bunch of electrons flowing in thin strips of copper does enormous magic. I do believe a modern app runs on embedded hardware, which intern is controlled by mobile or web app. And thus improving human interaction with hardware and software at the same time. This is where I like to put my thought and efforts.


This is where I share my view on the different events or matters that I encounter in my day-today life. Weather I find some interesting upcoming technology or solve some very silly (yet utterly time consuming!) problem, which I want to share with others, this is the place. Take a look at my angle of viewing things.


Whether you simply want to say hi, or have a suggestion or feedback, I am eager to hear from you. Stuck with some technology problem, or have something cool in your mind that we can together work on? Feel free to reach me at

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