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Hey there, you are looking at some of the projects I've worked on (or still working on!) in my journey so far. I've been working with different technologies, and have come accross various problems. Here I've shared few interesting things from many such cool things I've encountered (though these things might not be interesting or cool for all...).

My work might not come to your aid directly, but I'd be glad to help you. If you're stuck with some interesting technology speed breaker, I would be eager to be a helping hand! Do have a look at the technologies I'm familiar with.

Projects Catalogue

Need help with some project you are working on? Don't bother dropping me a note. If you like to know my views over day today things happening around me, have a look at Blog Section.

Hardik Dabhi

I am mobile application programmer and solution architect at Streebo. I like to deal with enterprise mobility and embedded automation. I am also a contributor to open source community dealing with mobile & automation.

Whether you simply want to say hi, or have a suggestion or feedback, I am eager to hear from you. Stuck with some technology problem, or have something cool in your mind that we can together work on? Feel free to reach me at hardik@hardikdabhi.com.

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